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Casper - Software Deployment

To deploy software and other OS X settings, you first need to upload the software or script to the JSS and then create a deployment policy for it. To get started, log in to the JSS and ensure you have select "Full JSS" from the dropdown at the top.

Visit the Casper Tips and Tricks page for more deployment information.

Upload package or script:

  • Select "Full JSS" from the dropdown. You cannot be in your site.
  • Click on the gear on the top right of the screen, then Computer Management on the left. 
  • Click on packages or scripts. Review list of already available packages and scripts. If what you are looking for isn't there, click "New."
  • Give it an appropriate name, such as "SoftwareName - VersionNumber."
  • Assign it to the appropriate category for your site.
  • For packages, click "Upload Package File" and select the file. This should be a .pkg file and not a .dmg file.
  • For scripts, paste the contents of your script into the script tab.
  • Click save. It takes about five minutes for the software to sync with the database before you can deploy it.

Deploy package or script

  • Click on Computers at the top, then Policies. Click the + sign.
  • Give it a name, such as "SoftwareName - VersionNumber Install"
  • Assign a category.
  • Assign a trigger, "recurring check-in" is recommended.
  • If a package, select Packages on the left, then click Configure. Click "add" next to the appropriate software.
  • If a script, select Scripts on the left, then click Configure. Click "add" next to the appropriate software.
  • Select scope at the top. Either change the scope to "All Computers" or click "add" and add individual computers or a smart/static group.
  • Click "save." The software or script will now install to all targeted machines the next time they check in to the JSS, within 30 minutes.

DMG Files

DMGs are tricky. If you set a DMG to "install" Casper will extract the contents to the root of the startup volume. If you have an application or installer package in a DMG and want to install it, use this method:

  • Set the dmg to "cache" instead of install.
  • In the same policy, add the script called "" and make sure the priority is set to "after". This script will extract the dmg and properly process its contents.

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December 05, 2016

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