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Casper - Mobile Device App Management

Casper can be used to manage mobile devices apps via both the Volume Purchase Program or free apps from the App Store. If you are an IT tech who would like to manage Volume Purchase Program apps, please visit our VPP page.

For an in depth review of how VPP content distribution works visit the jamf admin guide page.

Once an app has been purchased (or if it is free) it can be distributed via Casper. Log into the JSS and:

  • Click on Mobile Devices at the top.
  • Click Mobile Device Apps on the left.
  • Click New. Select App Store app or VPP store app.
  • Search for the title or attach a VPP spreadsheet if you have it (optional)
  • Click Add for the appropriate software. You may need to switch tabs if the device is for an iPhone.
  • Select the appropriate options for how you would like to manage the software such as:
    • General
      • Automatically update app - check if desired.
      • Remove app when MDM profile is removed - Do this if a person might keep the mobile device but you want to manage the license.
    • Scope
      • Assign a scope either to a device or a user. Device is the preferred method.
    • Self Service
      • This will allow an end user to install the app only if they need / want it. This is useful to potentially reduce license counts.
    • VPP
      • Check the "Assign VPP Content" to allow VPP-licensed apps to be installed without the end user needing to log in with an AppleID.

The devices should receive the application shortly after you save your app settings as long as it has network access.

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February 28, 2018

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