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CIS Backfill Documentation

Please note that this page and related pages are being developed as part of the CIM Courses Project and are subject to change.

This article describes the backfill of data from the Container/Template Subject Structure to CIS (Curricular Information System). The CIS Backfill was implemented as part of the CIM Courses project.


The CIS Backfill was implemented so that downstream systems that rely on data from CIS would not be impacted after its replacement by CIM Courses.

Backfill Details

  • Only Standard Subjects (subject_container.subject_type = "Standard") will be backfilled to CIS. Administrative and Cross Registration subjects will not be backfilled.
  • Due to issues with using existing CIS stored procedures and versioning, changes from SCASUBJI will not backfill to CIS (at least for the first release). The major issue was current year changes, but we decided to be consistent and not backfill anything from SCASUBJI - since Catalog Year changes can be made via CIM Courses (and the Admin Save function) if necessary.
  • Only Standard Subjects for which the Effective From Term (subject_template.effective_from_term) is in the current Academic Year or the Catalog Year will be backfilled to the CIS tables.
  • Stored procedure code was edited so that CIS does not enforce that a subject number be archived before it can be reused.

Backfill Data Flow Diagram

*Updated 6/16/2017

Technical Documentation

  • scrci_proposal.rationale will be standard text for all subjects. The actual rationale for any change is CIM only data.
  • scrci_proposal.compare_version will not be populated. This field was used for workflow management in CIS.
  • When choosing masters for SCRCI_PROPOSAL for Equivalents and Scheduling Relationships, if the relationship is between an undergrad and graduate subject, the undergraduate will be selected as the master. After that, masters are assigned at random. 

CIS Toolkit Menu Items For Testing

  • Scheduling Testing - CISR > Sync Scheduling data from CIS

Subject Management Documentation Index

The Subject Management Documentation Index is the central listing for documentation pertaining to Subject Management.

IS&T Contributions

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October 30, 2018

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