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What is BoardEffect?
BoardEffect is a cloud-based platform for Group & Committee meetings. Among it’s many benefits is an “e-binder” solution, eliminating the need for printed materials, binders, etc.

Who should use it?
BoardEffect is licensed for use by MIT community members. It is intended for committees or Groups that meet on a regular basis. Monthly, Quarterly, meetings with an agenda, meeting materials, with regular members find BoardEffect an effective space for their meetings. It is not recommended for one-time meetings.

Getting Started with BoardEffect


Once you log in using Touchstone/Duo (no account required), help and information for BoardEffect can be found in the application. The home page has a "Help" tab on the right-hand side where you can find extensive using and troubleshooting documentation and training.

home page with help tab


  • Is my data secure & protected in BoardEffect? Yes. BoardEffect provides the highest level of data security in the industry. Even HIPAA protected materials are secure. You can read more about it at BoardEffect Security.
  • Will there be any training available for the users? BoardEffect is very intuitive for users, but group/committee administrators may need some training with regard to uploading content, creating calendar events, and such. There are some recorded webinars, and tutorials available on the portal once you log in.

    Once logged in you will see a "Help" tab on the welcome page where you can access the training materials (see above).
  • How do I login/authenticate? Use the Touchstone/Duo Authentication option at MIT Board Effect. The username/password option is not your MIT Kerberos Identity and password or a login method for MIT users.
  • How can I get added to an existing Workroom? Login to Board Effect with Touchstone (as above) to have your account automatically created. Then contact the Workroom Administrator for the workroom you need to access. They manage adding and removing user permissions for their workroom.

Getting Help

Additional escalation information for Help Staff can be found here: [hd:BoardEffect Recon].

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

Last Modified:

October 28, 2016

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