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PCard Receipt Capture for Cardholders - Introduction

This guide is intended for MIT employees and students who will use the Procurement Card Receipt Capture application to submit their procurement card receipts.

Purpose of the ProCard Receipt Capture System

The system allows holders of MIT procurement cards -- ProCards - to submit digital copies of their procard receipts. This saves time and paperwork. Once a cardholder enters a receipt in the system, a workflow ensures the receipt is reviewed and verified in a timely manner.

Your Role as a Cardholder

A cardholder is a MIT employee or student who has been issued a ProCard (procurement card) for purchasing authorized expenses.  This is the person whose name appears on the ProCard and is the only person who may use that ProCard.

In the ProCard Receipt Capture application, your role as a Cardholder will be to create a receipt, edit it, and then submit it for review. If a reviewer returns it to you because more information is required, you will be responsible for making necessary revisions and then resubmitting it.

Reviewers and verifiers can also use the system to submit receipts. They would do this for themselves as cardholders but can also do it on behalf of cardholders. In their roles, however, they have additional tasks to complete to submit a receipt.

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April 26, 2016

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